Peter (not his real name) was a war veteran who emigrated to the United States in 1993 with his wife, Pauline (not her real name) and their three minor children. They had six other children in their home country. Six years later, one of the six children was able to follow on petition by Peter. The remaining five children, being married, were left behind. It was Peter’s life-long dream to unite his family in the US, so he petitioned his five other children in 2000, all under the Family Third Preference (F3) category. Unfortunately, Peter died before his remaining children were given their visas.

When the priority dates of the petitions became current, the children attempted to apply for immigrant visa at their home country. However, they were advised that the petitions were no longer valid as they were automatically revoked upon the death of Peter. With the help of Atty. Mary Lyn T. Sanga, the children sought and were able to have the petitions reinstated based on humanitarian reasons. Pauline substituted Peter as the principal sponsor in all five petitions.

In seeking humanitarian reinstatement for Peter’s children, Atty. Sanga highlighted the fact that Pauline had a permanent medical condition that had prevented her and would prevent her in the future from visiting her five children in their home country. Pauline and the children submitted letters stating their wish and Peter’s as well for the family to be reunited after long years of separation, and their regret that Peter did not live long enough to see it happening. The children also convinced USCIS that they would be model citizens and would contribute to the economy of the country as most of them and their derivative family members were successful professionals and/or entrepreneurs in their home country.

The children and their qualified derivative members have completed the processing of their visa applications at the National Visa Center and are now ready for interview at a U.S. consulate in their home country. The rest of the family, especially Pauline, are looking forward to welcoming them to the United States very soon.