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How We Started

MTS Law opened its doors to its clients in March 2010. Housed in a windowless, two-desk executive office at 3550 Wilshire Blvd., MTS Law started serving its first clients: the clients of Mary’s former employer that filed for bankruptcy. While some of the old law firm’s clients went to seek representation elsewhere, most of them who were left without representation entrusted their cases to Mary, who offered to continue providing services without additional cost to them.

In less than 3 months, an opportunity to transfer to a better location came up. Another attorney about to retire offered to share an office at the 5th floor of 3600 Wilshire Blvd., where the Philippine Consulate General of Los Angeles was then located. Sharing a floor with the consulate did generate a lot of inquiries and interests in our firm from the daily traffic of people that visited the consulate, but we also had a lot of accidental visits from people who thought our office was part of the consulate where people can hang and drink free water (and sometimes, coffee, too.) Work environment and client privacy became a concern, so we opened a second location on the 8th floor of the same building in January 2011. Growing slowly but steadily, we moved to a bigger office space–our current location, Suite 920–in July 2013. In 2019, a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, we expanded our office space as we hired more employees.

Initially, MTS Law practiced Immigration and Citizenship exclusively. With the addition of Karina Grace Oribello-Estillore as an Of Counsel in 2011, MTS Law expanded its practice areas to include Family Law. In 2015, Kaleb Liao joined MTS Law as an Of Counsel and established the Personal Injury practice area of the firm. When Karina’s family relocated and she had to leave the firm in 2019, MTS Law welcomed another Of Counsel, Marlon Brandon Baldomero. In addition to taking over the cases previously handled by Karina, Marlon also handled bankruptcy cases for the firm.

With a desire to provide better service to its clients, in 2022, MTS Law decided to streamline its offerings and concentrate on its two main practice areas: (1) Immigration and Citizenship; and (2) Personal Injury. In January 2023, the Personal Injury practice area transitioned into a separate entity registered as Mid City Law Firm, LLP, with Kaleb and Mary as founding partners. Currently, MTS Law handles Immigration and Citizenship matters exclusively, with a focus on employment-based petitions, family-based petitions, consular processing, waivers, and citizenship.