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I am so appreciative of the work attorney Mary and Jeric provided during my fiancés K-1 Visa process. The complications of dealing with the US, Philippine’s and Singapore governments was overwhelming.

The process of acquiring the K-1 Visa required insuring all paper work was correct and synchronized that involved three different countries. Needless to say this was a daunting task. Both Mary and Jeric provided solutions and advice that was invaluable.

The K-1 Visa interview was an awful experience for my fiancé. When I reported the experience and results to Mary she immediately took action. Mary was tenacious and provided a 200 page packet of information to resolve the problem. Mary entertained my emails and phone calls (on her personal phone) well after business hours. Mary spent many hours preparing the packet and provide an ‘iron clad’ case. Upon receipt, the US Embassy Singapore approved the K-1 Visa within 2 days.
I want to express attorney Mary is a seasoned immigration lawyer. She is knowledgeable, detailed, and informed in all immigration matters.

Attorney Mary and Jeric are truly concerned, passionate and have a high degree of diligence, integrity and honesty. Always willing to speak to her clients as well as her compassion to assure the clients’ victory.

Thank You

“I was in a working visa for many years and with all those ups and down series of application I finally have this precious green card, that with the help and great assistance of Atty. Mary. Thank you for taking our case. See you in 5years to apply for my US citizenship.”

“Iba talaga kapag kapwa mo Pinoy ang kausap lalo na kung immigration matters. Sa simula pa lang, nakagaanan ko na ng loob si Atty. Mary Sanga. Damang-dama kong nauunawaan niya ang kalagayan nating mga Pinoy dito sa Amerika. Sa huli, naging kampante ako sa kaisipang gagawin niya ang lahat para matulungan ang mga katulad nating mga Pinoy na nakikipagsapalaran dito sa Amerika.”

“I am a living a testimony of the diligence, integrity and honesty of Atty. Mary Sanga. What I have found to be one of her most outstanding traits is her consistent availability to speak to her clients in person, as well as her compassion. Besides from being a highly educated and tenacious lawyer, she is very detailed oriented and will unravel all avenues to assure the clients’ victory in her cases.”

“The changing economic situations results to changes in immigration policies. It causes confusion, panic and uncertainties. During these times, you’ll need an experienced immigration lawyer who can be both conservative and dynamic in approach depending on the situation. Atty. Mary is a seasoned immigration lawyer. She is keen, thorough, and updated in all immigration matters. My family came to America during the time the H-1 visa’s cap is reached on the very first day it opened. It was painful and frustrating for my family. We almost gave up. But Atty. Mary not only has a strategy in place, but a back-up plan as well After three challenging years, my family finally received our green cards. It was a very tough fight, but with Atty. Mary’s experience and persistence, she explored every option in the book for us to fulfill our dreams. So for your immigration dreams, let Atty. Mary pave the way for you and your family”.

I am writing to express my eternal gratitude to Atty. Mary and Jeric for helping me to my Immigrant Visa. I consider myself extremely lucky to have you as my attorney. Attorney Mary took the time out to explain certain matters which were confusing to me. Words cannot express the appreciation I feel especially when my Immigrant Visa was approved. I can finally see and live with my children. I wish you all the success you deserve and will surely recommend your name to anyone who is looking for an experienced attorney in all immigration matters. On behalf of my children, thank you so much.

"My biggest concern before I hired MTS Law was that I wouldn’t be able to or no one would take my case after my first lawyer dropped me. They did everything they could even without any witness or police report and got an expert to assess my car damage. They did all they can to really win my case. Do not rely on false advertisements as some lawyers would promise. Atty. Kaleb Liao never did promise anything to me but he made sure I really get what is due me and more. The staff were all courteous."

“They are very professional not money hungry lawyers and they always get done what they say.”

“I want to express my gratitude to Atty Sanga and her team for all your hardwork and assistance in applying for the immigration visas of my nephews to the US. You have always been professional and responsive to our needs. On a specific note, I want to commend Jeric Mirandilla for his efficiency when there were issues that needed to be addressed and resolved. He was always on top of every situation. He was so helpful and responsive throughout the process. You are truly blessed to have him and any firm would be fortunate to have him working for them. Once again, our big thank you to Atty Sanga and all the staff and we wish you all the best!!! May God bless you always!!!”

“Atty. and her staff are always very nice and helpful! Thank you so much for all the help and support!!”

“I just became a permanent resident a week ago. And while I was reading the initial notice, I can’t help the tears. It moved me to thank God, to be grateful to my employer who sponsored my greencard, and to my immigration lawyer who stood by me till the end.” Thanks Mary (Atty Sanga). Very much!

You’ve done a great job- converting my student visa (F1) to non-immigrant work visa (H1) then to greencard, all in the span of three (3) years. I’m awed by your wisdom in making the right decisions for my case, the diligence of your preparations especially that my case entailed very detailed work, and the prompt reply to my questions/inquiries. And most of all, i will always cherish that moment when I decided to visit my folks in Manila on advance parole while my greencard is pending. Even when I knew my papers are all in order, I was still anxious whether they would let me in or not and the thought of not being able to go back to my husband and baby in the US scared the hell out of me. Call it sweet luck, but you happened to be in the same flight as mine. And you promised to stay with me as I go through the process of getting paroled at the port of entry. And you did. That took about an hour and you never left my side. It felt so comforting to have your immigration lawyer by your side as you braced that critical moment. I always thank God for all the blessings He gives me, and I thank Him once again for this blessing of a great lawyer – more power to you, Mary.

“Sa dami naming pinagdaanan hirap at sakripisyo,dalawang bagay lang ang pinanghahawakan ko: THAT I HAVE A BIG GOD TO SOLVE MY PROBLEMS & I HAVE A GOOD LAWYER TO SOLVE MY CASE… Mabuhay ka Atty. Mary…..”

Atty. Mary and the mts law are god's blessings to me. For years, I've been searching for a lawyer, but, I was hesitant to hire one. I've been doing any immigration requirements by myself until I needed a lawyer. Atty. Mary was very accomodating and her assistant, jeric is the best! He's always available for my questions and concerns! Every time I called, anyone who picked up the call, was very courteous and accomodating! The bottom line is, before my interview for adjustment of status, we did a "Prep" atty. Sanga spent time and went over every detail of my application! After 6 months, my case was approved and my green card is on its way! I told mts law that this is the end of my 16-year journey of being out of status, but, this is the beginning of more referrals! Mts law is the best, I couldn't ask for more! I'm so grateful for all the assistance they extended to me that I didn't feel I was alone! Thank you and thank you! .”

Mary and her team are very efficient and experienced with the service they offered to me. They processed my son's Follow-to-Join benefits with impeccable ability, applying their knowledge of the system and their years of experience to successfully deliver results. I am very satisfied that they handled the whole process from start to finish with very little effort from my part -- I would say I got the more than my money's worth! They are highly recommended!

We came to the law office of Mary Lyn T. Sanga to petition my husband for his green card. From the beginning the staff was always friendly and helpful even over the phone. This process can be nerve wrecking as it's not something you do everyday and has to do with the legal system but having them on our side, helping literally every step of the way, answering all our questions at any time of the day and providing clarity, we knew we were in great hands! We strongly recommend scheduling a consultation and having this team represent you, you won't regret it!

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