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“I want to express my gratitude to Atty Sanga and her team for all your hardwork and assistance in applying for the immigration visas of my nephews to the US. You have always been professional and responsive to our needs. On a specific note, I want to commend Jeric Mirandilla for his efficiency when there were issues that needed to be addressed and resolved. He was always on top of every situation. He was so helpful and responsive throughout the process. You are truly blessed to have him and any firm would be fortunate to have him working for them. Once again, our big thank you to Atty Sanga and all the staff and we wish you all the best!!! May God bless you always!!!” – R.J.
“My biggest concern before I hired MTS Law was that I wouldn’t be able to or no one would take my case after my first lawyer dropped me. They did everything they could even without any witness or police report and got an expert to assess my car damage. They did all they can to really win my case. Do not rely on false advertisements as some lawyers would promise. Atty. Kaleb Liao never did promise anything to me but he made sure I really get what is due me and more. The staff were all courteous.” – M.I.D.
“The changing economic situations results to a changes in immigration policies. It causes confusion, panic and uncertainties. During these times, you’ll need an experienced immigration lawyer who can be both conservative and dynamic in approach depending on the situation. Atty. Mary is a seasoned immigration lawyer. She is keen, thorough, and updated in all immigration matters. My family came to America during the time the H-1 visa’s cap is reached on the very first day it opened. It was painful and frustrating for my family. We almost gave up. But Atty. Mary not only has a strategy in place, but a back-up plan as well After three challenging years, my family finally received our green cards. It was a very tough fight, but with Atty. Mary’s experience and persistence, she explored every option in the book for us to fulfill our dreams. So for your immigration dreams, let Atty. Mary pave the way for you and your family” – F.G.
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Welcome to the MTS Law, your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration. With over 13 years of experience, our  immigration attorneys have been serving the immigrant community with expertise, dedication and hard work. 

We understand the ever-changing landscape of immigration law and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations, ensuring that we provide you with the most accurate and effective legal representation.

Our comprehensive range of immigration services is designed to address the needs of individuals, families and employers. Our goal is not only to help you achieve your American Dream.  Our family-based immigration services seek to bring families together and reunite loved ones with each other.   In recognizing the great value immigrants bring to the economy, we collaborate with employers in building a dynamic, diverse and highly skilled workforce.  


Are you a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident seeking to bring your family members to the United States and help them obtain a Green Card?

Business and Employment Based Petitions (Immigrant Visas)

Are you a foreigner seeking to apply for a Green Card through employment in the United States?

Business and Employment Based Petitions (Non Immigrant Visas)

Seeking to enter the United States lawfully as a nonimmigrant either for work, pleasure or study?

Consular Visa

Need legal representation applying for permanent resident status as beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition with visa number?

Adjustment of Status

Do you need legal assistance in applying for a Green Card while present in the United States? Need help in filing Form I-485

Naturalization and Citizenship

Are you a lawful permanent resident who is eligible for naturalization?

Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

Are you an alien who is ineligible to receive certain immigration benefits and is seeking to waive certain grounds of inadmissibility?

Humanitarian Reinstatement

Are you a principal beneficiary of Petition for Alien Relative and your petitioner died while the petition is pending or after the petition is approved?

Removal Defense

Do you require legal assistance for a deportation hearing?

About US

Photo of Mary Sanga wearing a formal dress

Mary Lyn T. Sanga

Lead Attorney

Attorney Mary Lyn T. Sanga embarked on her legal career in California in 2008 after passing the bar on her first attempt. Initially, she worked as an Associate Lawyer at Bander Law Firm, LLP, specializing in immigration and boutique litigation. Through hard work and dedication, she progressed to become a partner until January 2010.

Driven by a desire for greater challenges, Attorney Sanga established MTS Law in 2010, focusing primarily on immigration matters. Subsequently, Attorney Kaleb Liao joined the firm as lead attorney of the personal injury practice area.

In 2023, the decision was made to establish Mid City Law Firm as a separate entity dedicated exclusively to personal injury cases. This strategic move aims to streamline services on both firms and ensure exceptional immigration-focused service at MTS Law, with Attorney Sanga as its principal attorney.

Since its inception in 2010, MTS Law has gained a reputation within the Filipino-American entertainment community as a trusted law firm for processing visa requirements of Filipino entertainers performing in the United States. This distinction has earned Attorney Sanga the recognition as the ‘attorney of celebrities.’

More than a law firm for famous celebrities and artists, MTS Law’s experience covers a wide range of non-immigrant and immigrant visa cases, assisting clients from various states across the United States, not just California.

Ilyich Huecas

Associate Attorney

Recognized as the 'Attorney of Celebrities' since 2010

Having been known in the Filipino community for representing well known promoters, and artists,  MTS Law has earned the recognition of being the “attorney of celebrities.”  For over 13 years, it has been serving its clients with persistence and determination, always ready to take on tough and challenging cases to help Filipino families realize their American dream.

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    PHONE: + 1 (213) 232-3154 (818) 731-2205 FAX: (213) 380-9300

    You may rely on MTS Law for trusted and dependable support in all U.S. immigration concerns